Broken Dreams

After a tiring session of debugging and log analysis, Bhavana decided to call it a day. She was a hardworking Software Engineer. And just like any other software professional, she yearned for something more tangible than this daily romance with her laptop. With a cup of hot tea in hand, she walked over to her... Continue Reading →

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Birthday Blues

He counted again. There were eleven red candles on the yummy-looking cake that his mom had specially baked for him. He looked around at the expectant faces that were gathered around the table. Sasha, his little sister, was beaming at him. She wore a sparkly white frock with pink shoes and a beautiful pink watch... Continue Reading →

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Love like the Moon

Little Sara sat on her front yard, scrunching her nose and looking up at the sky. Her father noticed this and went up to her. "What is it dear?" slowly he tried. She turned and looked at him with cherubic eyes and said, "Daddy, I’m confused! Ma says that you are her Moon". He smiled... Continue Reading →

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Finally Righting

One fine day, 2 years ago She: “I’m going to start a blog. Yes. I’m going to do it. How hard could it be?” Googles ‘how to start a blog’, reads through numerous articles and finally decides “Ok, let’s do it first thing tomorrow” . . . October, 2016 She : “I’m going to start... Continue Reading →

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